Where Do Junk Cars Go In Pompano Beach?

When you had that wreck last summer, you thought the insurance company would handle hauling off your BMW, but it still sitting in your Pompano Beach driveway. Nobody wants junk cars, trucks, or vans sitting in their driveway!  But, that’s how the industry works and it is up to you to get rid of that eyesore. So how do you do that?  You call us at Junk Cars in Pompano Beach Florida.

We buy old cars, trucks, and vans, regardless of their condition and regardless if they are domestic or foreign. Give us a call and we’ll quote you a price. You agree to that price, we’ll make a date to come pick it up and hand over the cash you, then haul off that wrecked car or that old rusted Chevrolet truck your son left behind.

Wait a minute!  Why all us at Junk Cars here in Pompano Beach?  Well, we have several reasons to give you:

  • We Pay To Cash On The Spot For The Amount Quoted On The Phone
  • We Are Locally Owned and Operated
  • We Are Established, Well Known Reputable Company
  • Our Drivers Are Local, Bonded, Licensed, And Uniformed
  • We Have Marked Trucks
  • We Won’t Charge You For Towing
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, That are Running or Non-Running, Wrecked or Pristine
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans That Are Rusted, Missing Motor, Missing Windows, Missing Seats
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans Without Keys or Title
  • We Buy Domestic or Foregin Cars, Trucks, Vans
  • We Buy Tractors and Other Farm Equipment


Yes, you read all that correct. We buy any motorized type of vehicle and pay top dollar in cash then haul it off for free.  Those other companies will charge you for towing or offer you less money to start with. We have uniformed technicians in marked trucks. They may hire out any wrecker driver with his own truck, no uniform, and may or may not be licensed or insured.

When you deal with us at Junk Cars in Pompano Beach, you’re dealing with a top-rated, well-respected company, industry wide.  We’re serious about this business and have worked hard to establish the type of reputation we have.  Give us a call today about your clunker or junker!