What Makes Junk Cars in Boca Raton The Best One To Call For Hauling Off Your Clunker?

Well, just for starters, here are few reasons why:

  • We Are Established, Locally Owned and Operated, Reputable Company
  • Our Drivers Are Local, Bonded, Licensed, And Uniformed
  • We Have Marked Trucks
  • We Are Paying Top Dollar In Cash On The Spot For The Amount Quoted On The Phone
  • We Won’t Charge You For Towing Off The Vehicle You Sell
  • We Are Buying All Cars, Trucks, Vans, Running or Non-Running, Wrecked or Pristine
  • We Buy All Domestic or Foreign Cars, Trucks, and Vans, Even Farm Equipment
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans Without Keys or Title

With a list like that, why would you call anyone else? And if you are going to call around to other companies in our industry, read this list to them and see if they can meet each of those features. We’re sure they can’t, and they certainly won’t be able to beat us!

Junk Cars in Boca Raton is one of the oldest companies in the state for this industry.  We have worked hard to gain that reputation and we’re working harder to maintain it. You’ll find that other companies in this industry may offer top dollar, but they want you to bring them the car, truck, or van you want to get rid of.  Or they will charge you back for hauling it off, taking some of the money they just gave you back. Or they tell you “the check is in the mail” and you never see it because they closed up and went out of business.

That is why calling us at Junk Cars in Boca Raton is the best thing you can do when you have a clunker car that doesn’t run or a wrecked truck that is in the way.  We will get rid of it for you, pay you for it and the deal is done. Remember when you start calling around, Junk Cars offers you these things that other companies in this business can’t or won’t:

1). We are a reputable company that is based in Florida

2). We will pay top dollar in cash for your vehicle

3). We will haul off the vehicle at no charge to you

4). We take them with or without keys or titles

5). We take them with or without the engine, seats, windows

And we buy them all, domestic or foreign, any make, model, or year.  No matter if it is a car without windows, a truck without seats, or a van without an engine, we buy them all at top dollar price.