What Do You Do With Junk Cars In Parkland Florida?

When you have a broken down, rusted, wrecked car, truck, or van sitting in your driveway or a pasture, what can you do with it?  Well, you could search Pinterest for decorating ideas or you can call Junk Cars in Parkland Florida to buy it from you.

Yes, we buy broken down, rusted, and wrecked cars, trucks, or van for cash, and we haul them away for free!  That is the business we’re in and we have one of the best reputations for paying what we offer over the phone and showing up at the time we schedule to haul off your unwanted car, truck, or van. You give us the keys, title and show us where it is, we give you the cash, we haul off that vehicle and you head to the bank.  It is that simple.

We don’t care if they are running or not. We don’t care if there aren’t any seats, windows, or even if the engine is missing.  Maybe you have an old car or truck you’ve been using for spare parts to fix another one up here in Parkland Florida and you’re done with it.  We’ll take it off your hands and pay you cold cash for it.

What if you don’t have the title?  We don’t care about that either.  We’ll still pay you top cash and haul that old car, truck, or van away.  Domestic or foreign, we buy them all. Running or not – top cash paid – no hassle, no questions asked.   Nobody in this business knows about getting clunkers and junkers out of the way better than we do here at Junk Cars in Parkland Florida.

Give us a call and tell us what you have. We’ll make you a cash offer, schedule the day and time to come pick it up, then pay you the cash when we arrive.  You won’t have to do anything except hand over the keys and title if you have them and show us where that eyesore is.  In short time, our professional technicians will have it out of your way and you have some spare cash to spend.