The Best Place To Call For Junk Cars In Hallandale That You Need Gone Today

Why should you call us at Junk Cars in Hallandale when you have a BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes, or any make, model, year of vehicle that isn’t drivable? Because we are offering top dollar in this industry and we’re paying cash. Today is your day to get that beat up, rusted, or wrecked car, truck or van out of your way and make some cash too.

1). We are a reputable company that is based in Florida

2). We will pay top dollar in cash for your vehicle

3). We will haul off the vehicle at no charge to you

4). We take them with or without keys or titles

5). We take them with or without the engine, seats, windows

Junk Cars in Hallandale Florida has a lot to offer you that other companies in this industry can’t or won’t. You can make some phone calls and find this out if you don’t want to take our word for it. But you’ll find out quickly that those other guys won’t offer you all of these things:

  • Locally Owned and Operated Company
  • Established, Well Known Reputable Company
  • Drivers Are Local, Bonded, Licensed, And Uniformed
  • Marked Trucks
  • Pays Top Dollar In Cash On The Spot For The Amount Quoted On The Phone
  • Doesn’t Charge You For Towing Off The Vehicle You Sell
  • Buys All Cars, Trucks, Vans, Running or Non-Running, Wrecked or Pristine
  • Buys All Cars, Trucks, Vans That Are Rusted, Missing Motor, Missing Windows, Missing Seats
  • Buys All Domestic or Foreign Cars, Trucks, and Vans, Even Farm Equipment
  • Buys Cars, Trucks, Vans Without Keys or Title

We’ve been in this business for a long time and we know the ins and outs of it all. We’ve seen those other companies come and we’ve seen them go too.  Many aren’t fully honest with people when they call them, or they want you to bring your broken-down, rusted, or wrecked car, truck, or van to them. And the average person isn’t going to have a way to haul those things – right?  So, you have to pay for a wrecker or pay the company a fee for hauling off.

Here at Junk Cars, we are all over Florida and will make you a cash offer then come get the car, truck, or van, haul it away, at no extra charge. That’s the reason we’ve got such a great reputation and we work hard to keep that intact. Call us today!