Do you want to sell your car at the best rates no matter how dysfunctional or old it is? JUNK CAR can make this thing easy for you. We pay the best rates for junk cars, vans, trucks, and jeeps. We can buy all kinds of vehicles from you. Imagine one day you will wake up and say ‘I want to sell my junk car’ what then?

With our flexible car buying services, you can sell your car quickly and the good news is that you don’t have to tow it anywhere. Our professionals will reach your location and will tow the vehicle to us. Doesn’t matter what type of car you want to sell we can get it from you and handle all the paperwork.

JUNK CAR has been working throughout the Stapylton area for more than the previous 15 years. We are running this company with one goal and that is to make the process of selling your car easy while getting the maximum value of it. We are very happy to announce that we have stayed true to that goal and have more than thousands of happy clients.


Doesn’t matter if you have been in a recent car wreck or if you have major mechanical flaws, JUNK CAR can get all kinds of vehicles in all conditions. The towing services are completely free and can take a very big load off your mind when you finally see that big pile of metal transported off your property. You will get an offer from our professionals and we never pressurize you to sell anything to us. We can also answer all kinds of questions related to your cars.

Should I Sell my Junk Car

JUNK CAR may give you a lot more than expected. Doesn’t matter where you live in Stapylton we can pick your junk car right from your location. Many times people pay a lot more even when repairing their car and the reason is that their car is older. In such cases, this is proved to be more costly because their car soon hit with another costly repair bill. In such cases, the best option is to sell your junk car to JUNK CAR.