Scrap A Car

Are you planning to scrap your car? If yes, then you are at the right place. JUNK CAR has a lot of experience in scrapping cars and we are the best company throughout the area that can provide you the best rate for your car. JUNK CAR has several years of experience in scrapping cars. Give us a call today at 0731712400 and get an estimate for your car.

Our Car Scrappage Process

First of all, the shell of your car is depolluted and if there is any kind of pollutant then that is stored safely. Any kinds of fluids in the car (transmission fluids, brake, antifreeze, oil, and petrol) are then completely drained and safely disposed of. Re-usable parts from the vehicles are removed, cleaned, and then resold to people who might need them. In the end, the chassis and other remaining parts of the vehicle are crushed and put into the shredder and are melted down.


Our professionals can provide you best price for your vehicle whether it has several miles left or is ready to be scrapped. It is very easy to free estimate for your vehicle. You simply have to tell us the registration number of your vehicle and postcode and out professionals will immediately tell you the worth of your vehicle.

When you have got a quote for selling your used or scrap vehicle you can choose to drop it off by yourself or our professional will arrive at your location for collecting it according to the time that suits you. Our customer services team is always available to look after you and we will take care of every kind of official paperwork.

Scrap your vehicle for money

Get cash for your car, even if it is not working, by getting paid for scrapping your car with JUNK CAR. Doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is or what is the condition of your car, we can help. At our scrap recycling centres, more than 95% of the vehicle is recycled.

Free car evaluation to sell your car

f your car is in a good condition and is eligible JUNK CAR can still provide you a quote for buying it and thus giving you more money for your old vehicle. If you want to know the price of your used car or scrap car just tell your registration number and we will provide you a price for selling your car. Our professionals will arrive at your location check your car and provide you cash on the spot.

Hassle-free service

With JUNK CAR the process of selling your used car or scrap car becomes hassle-free. Moreover, we can pick up your car from your location and can also help you with the official paperwork.