Not All Junkyards Are The Same, So Who Should You Sell That Junk Truck To?

An industry that is growing in the past few years are junk yards, salvage yards, or scrap car removal services. They all serve an important part of their community, if they are managed and operated right. Unfortunately, ust like any industry, there are some fly-by-night yards that don’t follow through with their promises, like towing off your old clunker and paying you cash. Or they aren’t equipped and set up to handle the wide variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs that out there today.

If you have a clunker car or truck you want to get rid of, don’t hesitate to call one of these services. It’s a great way to clean out the driveway and garage while making some cash. But it won’t hurt to do a little research either – a quick Google search will tell you if a particular yard has been in business for a while, and the reviews left on Google and Yelp can be of significant help in choosing the right junk yard.

You should ask them questions about their services too. Such as do they take any make, model, and year? Do they take them in any condition – rusted out or wrecked? Do they require a clear title before they pay for the car or truck you’re selling?

There are several junk yard and towing companies that are nothing more than one or two-person company and they are selling the junk and wrecked cars to a bigger junk yard. These are the types of junk yards that may not be able to haul off just any old car, truck, or SUV. And in most cases, they are not able to pay top dollar that a bigger junk/salvage yard can.

Because they are smaller, they may not be able to pick up your car or truck very quick either, as they usually just have one wrecker. A larger junk yard/salvage yard will have more than one tow truck in operation, usually with a team of two in each one.

Always get a quote by email or over the phone before you schedule a day and time for the tow truck to arrive. Confirm they are bringing cash and clarify if they will need the keys or title before they arrive. Larger junk yards and salvage yards have ability to work around those things, smaller operations may not.

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