Make Some Money From Your Junk Car In Coral Springs

You have decided after months of that old clunker junk car sitting dead in the drive, it time to get rid of it. But how? Well, you can call Junk Cars here in Coral Springs and sell it for scrap.  We are paying top dollar today for rusted trucks and junked cars, or vans with or without a motor. If you’ve lost the title or can’t find the keys, give us a call today.

You can call any of the several junk yards or scrap dealers in the Coral Springs area that buys junk cars, but you aren’t going to get offered to dollar and you won’t get it in cash. But make that call, you don’t have to take our word here at Junk Cars. See what price the other guys are offering and what kind of requirements they have, like they have to have keys or they pay less if you don’t have the tile.  Or do they deduct if there are broken windows or missing seats?

Here at Junk Cars, we are offering Coral Spring residents the highest dollar in the industry for the worse cars, trucks, and van. We don’t care if you have a domestic car or truck, if you have a foreign car or truck, we don’t care if the motor is frozen or completely missing.  No title- no problem! No keys – no problem!

Maybe you bought a second car for parts while you worked on your high school dream car and have the bulky, rusted body sitting there. We’ll make you an offer and come haul it off for free! We can guarantee you that if you sell the car for scrap, it won’t bring you as much money as what Junk Cars of Coral Springs will offer.

Give us a call today and tell us what you have to sell. We will make you a top dollar offer and schedule a day and time to come pick it up, handing you the cash amount we agreed upon. No hassle, no haggling. Quick and over with it is how Junks Cars of Coral Springs handles it.