Junk Yard Tales – What Is Myth and What Is Truth?

The cars of today aren’t like they were years ago. The value of a car or truck is when it is sitting on the lot. The minute you drive it off the lot, it begins losing value. After many years of use, not as many as they use to have, cars and truck can have some value in them again – as junk or salvage vehicles.

Even after they have aged, they become irreparable (cheaper to keep her doesn’t apply to today’s cars or trucks), or wrecked and of no value to insure, your local salvage yard will probably offer a pretty good dollar for them. No matter the condition, rusted or wrecked, missing doors, seats, windows, even the engine, they are not 100% worthless.

Vehicles in these types of condition, no matter the make, model, or year, are worth something as scrap metal. But not just anyone can take a junk car or truck and sell it to a metal recycling place. You must be licensed for this and have a relationship with one or more recycling places. And before they can sell these clunkers, they have procedures they have to follow through in making the vehicle ready for scrap, such as emptying and properly disposing of any fluids, the battery, and the tires.

Here we have some common myths that we can dispel in regard to junk cars and trucks:

Reliable Vehicles Are Undesirable

Some makes of vehicles, such as Honda and Toyota have a reputation for going miles and miles and miles before they are ready for the junk yard. So, does this mean they never need to be worked on? Absolutely not! And does this mean that once they are in the junk yard, they aren’t good for pulling parts from them? Absolutely not! The motor may finally, after thousands upon thousands of miles, go out, but there are many other parts on them that can be used.
Value of Wrecked Vehicles Are Not Negligible

Yes, a wrecked car or truck won’t be worth as much as a new or good condition used one, but that doesn’t mean that what’s under the hood isn’t of value. Junk and salvage yards buy wrecked cars and trucks because they can sell many parts off of them before taking them to the recycler.

Salvage Yards Have Too Many Popular Models

Junk yards and salvage yards will usually have a fair number of popular cars and trucks, and that is great for somebody that needs to make an inexpensive, quick fix on their popular model of car or truck. So no matter how popular of a car or truck you have that is wrecked and not any value to you, give a junk or salvage yard a call.

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