Call to Junk Cars In Dania Beach To Get Rid Of That Clunker

You got that notice for the city or POA about your son’s wrecked car that sits in the driveway. They’re telling you to get rid of it in 14 days or fines will be imposed. That is when you call Junk Cars of Dania Beach!

Or maybe you bought a piece of land that had an old barn on it, a place to build your retirement home, and there is an old, rusted truck inside.  It has been there as long as the barn has, or so it looks like anyway. You don’t know who owns it, you don’t have a title to it or the keys. The tires are old and flat – some of the windows are busted out. What do you do with this?  You call Junk cars of Dania Beach!

To give you some other reasons to call us here at Junk Cars in Dania Beach:

  • We Are Locally Owned and Operated Right Here In Florida
  • We Are An Established, Well Known Reputable Company
  • Our Drivers Are Local, Bonded, Licensed, And Uniformed
  • We Have Marked Trucks
  • We Pay Cash On The Spot For The Amount Quoted On The Phone
  • We Won’t Charge You For Towing
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans, That are Running or Non-Running, Wrecked or Pristine
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans That Are Rusted, Missing Motor, Missing Windows, Missing Seats
  • We Buy Cars, Trucks, Vans Without Keys or Title

Once you’ve read these points about Junk Cars of Dania Beach, why would you call anyone else? Other companies in our business are known to waffle on the price they quoted you once they arrive.  Or they can’t take a vehicle without the keys or title. They come from neighboring states and buy low in Florida only to take them back and part the out at higher prices.

No matter what make, model, or year of the clunker you have to get rid of, no matter the reason you want to get rid of it, we’re the place to call for an honest operation. Save yourself the grief of dealing with the city or the POA and make a little cash too by calling us at Junk Cars in Dania Beach.