Cooper City Florida Has The Best Place To Call For Hauling Off Junk Cars

If you have a broken-down car, truck, or van sitting your backyard, driveway, garage, or pasture that you want to get rid of – Junk Cars in Cooper City is the place to call. We will haul it off at no charge and pay you cash on the spot!  Yes, you’re reading that right!

We pay cash for cars, trucks, and vans – even tractors or other farm implement – no matter the condition, then we haul it off for free. Why do we do that? We have a process that will turn that rusted piece of junk you have into a scrap metal, keeping the environment clean and giving you some extra cash in the process.

Nobody likes junk cars in cooper city just sitting around. It is an eyesore and can be dangerous too. If there is gas, oil, and other chemicals still in the motors, that can be a fire danger. And you certainly don’t want it sitting around with the grandkids playing outside. Getting those broken-down, rusted-out cars, trucks, and vans out of there is the safest thing you can do and if you can make some money at it, even better!

But why should you call us at Junk Cars?  Well, there are several reasons to call us before you call one of those other places you find on the internet or in the yellow pages.

1). We are a reputable company that is based in Florida

2). We will pay top dollar in cash for your vehicle

3). We will haul off the vehicle at no charge to you

4). We take them with or without keys or titles

5). We take them with or without the engine, seats, windows

After you call those other guys and find out what they will or won’t take, you’ll find out that we are the best place to call. We buy domestic and foreign vehicles of any make, model, or year and in any condition.

If you’re looking at your budget after getting the kids back to school and how quick Christmas is coming up, don’t panic. Give us a call at Junk Cars and tell us what kind of car, truck, or van you have to sell and we’ll make you an offer over the phone – sight unseen – then we’ll make an appointment to come haul it away, leaving you cash in hand. Don’t wait another day – call us and get rid of the junker by tonight.