Got Junk Cars In North Miami You Need To Get Rid Of?

Do you have a clunker car sitting in your driveway that you had hoped to get fixed and running again one day? That plan has disappeared, but that clunker is still sitting there? Give us a call at Junk cars in North Miami and we’ll offer you top dollar price to come haul it off.  Yes, we will pay YOU top dollar and WE will haul it away.  That is just part of what makes us the better company to call over those other guys you find on the internet.  We also are guaranteed to offer you these:

1). We are a reputable company that is based in Florida

2). We will pay top dollar in cash for your vehicle

3). We will haul off the vehicle at no charge to you

4). We take them with or without keys or titles

5). We take them with or without the engine, seats, windows


Check those other companies that are offering to buy your unwanted car, truck, or van and as them what they have to offer you and what are they going to require. Many of them will want you to have the keys and title. And after a car, truck, or van that has broke down or been wrecked sits for a while, there is a good chance you won’t have either of those things.

But here at Junk cars in North Miami, we don’t care about those things. We will offer you top dollar in cash for your rusted-out truck or wrecked car, even that van that quit running 20 years ago. We will make you a quote over the phone, sight unseen, then come haul it off, leaving you with cold cash and more room in your driveway or garage.

If you have a car that was wrecked, and the insurance company won’t come get it, we’ll pay you cash for it. Did somebody bust out the windows in that old van sitting in your pasture? We’ll pay you cash for it. Did you part out most of that old truck and just have the hull sitting there in the way? We’ll pay you cash for it.

Even if you think that car, truck, or van isn’t worth a dime, give us a call today and we’ll quote you top dollar price then schedule an appointment to come haul it off, giving you that cash amount we agreed on.