Before You Sell Your Junk Cars In Tamarac Florida, Ask The Company Some Questions

Your neighbor told you about a company they sold an old rusted and wrecked car to for cash, so you thought you’ll give them a call about that abandoned truck in the back pasture. What a great way to make some cash while making the environment better!

But before you make the final deal with them, ask them a few questions:

  • Are They Locally Owned and Operated Company?
  • Are Their Drivers Bonded, Licensed, And Uniformed In Marked Trucks?
  • Do They Pay Top Dollar In Cash On The Spot For The Amount Quoted On The Phone?
  • Do They Charge You For Towing Off The Vehicle You Sell?
  • Do They Buy Any Car, Truck, Van?
  • Do They Have To Be Running And in Top Condition?
  • Do They Buy All Domestic or Foreign Cars, Trucks, and Vans?
  • Do They Require You Have The Keys or Title?

Chances are they aren’t going to give you answers that we will to those questions.  We here at Junk Cars in Tamarac, we buy any make, model, year of cars, trucks, and vans, whether you have the keys and title or not. If the motor is gone – we’ll buy it anyway. If there are seats, windows or other parts missing – we’ll buy it anyway.  And we’ll buy it anyway at top dollar for this industry.

1). We are a reputable company that is based in Florida

2). We will pay top dollar in cash for your vehicle

3). We will haul off the vehicle at no charge to you

4). We take them with or without keys or titles

5). We take them with or without the engine, seats, windows


Give us a call today here at Junk Cars in Tamarac and tell us what kind of vehicle you have to sell. We will make you an offer and set a day and time to come collect the vehicle. We hand you the cash in the amount that we agreed upon and haul off that car, truck or van, and that is all there is to it. You have space again and you have some spare cash too. How much easier can it be?!

It isn’t safe to have an old, non-running car, truck, or van sitting in your driveway, garage, or even in a pasture. They leak gas, oil and other fluids into the ground and create a fire hazard. Not to mention, if you have a rusted, wrecked vehicle sitting around where kids play is dangerous too.